Electric power generation from renewable power sources is going to be one of the most important sectors of power generation industry in the coming years.

Wind energy is one of the major forms of green energy utilized in the world today.

ASPI ENERGY Ltd. is a joint venture company between “ASPI GROUP” Ltd. and the Danish company European Energy A/S, a company which is active in the development, construction and management of wind-driven and solar plants, operative in all levels of renewable energy sources. European Energy A/S – is one of the leading companies in Europe. The company has developed 43 /forty three/ wind-driven and 15 /fifteen/ solar power plants, corresponding to total investment amount of more than 500 million EURO.

The company which was incorporated in the end of last year owns a wind-driven power plant of 6 wind-driven turbine generators and the complete infrastructure necessary for connection to the electric power distribution network, located in Straldzha, municipality of Straldzha, with total installed capacity of 5,5 MW.