For clients – owners of apartments, the company provides all-year maintenance of the common areas and it also offers post-sale management of the property purchased, if they want so.

All owners  receive the following services as being part of a resort or proprty environment:

  • 24 hours security and CCTV surveillance of all communal areas
  • Selective entry for owners only
  • Maintenance of all green areas and the entire park within the resort
  • Maintenance of all pools and water appliances within the resort
  • Illumination, cleaning and overall maintenance of all communal areas
  • Collection and disposal of all waste from the resort
  • Maintenance of all installations before they reach owners’ properties, e.g. electricity, water supply, TV, internet etc.
  • Settlement of expenses on communal areas, e.g. electricity, water, internet, etc
  • Maintenance of any other communal appliances , e.g. elevators and other
  • Solving of any defects or problems that might occur on communal premises and installations
  • Administrative, information and travel services